Don't Cross The Streams - The Introverted Activist Gets Its Own Feed; More Anger & An Ulcer Named Betsy

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A little context on the immigrant caravan, codifying LGBTQ rights into law, white women being "the foot soldiers of the patriarchy," and the probable formation of an ulcer named Betsy.

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CenterLink LGBT Community Center Member Directory - Where you can find LGBTQ-friendly orgs to donate to locally

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"Home" By Warsan Shire 

Human Rights Campaign - The Lies and Dangers of Efforts to Change Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

Human Rights Campaign - State Maps of Laws & Policies

The Detroit News - Judge rules Michigan same-sex adoption suit can move forward

Human Rights Campaign - Why The Equality Act?

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ACLU Michigan - LGBT Rights

"White Women: Foot Soldiers of the Patriarchy," - With Friends Like These; Ana Marie Cox & Rebecca Traister

Link to Phoebe Robinson's Instagram Post

The New York Times - Sex Assault Rules Under DeVos Bolster Defendants’ Rights and Ease College Liability

NBC News - Officials worry Trump may back Erik Prince plan to privatize war in Afghanistan

House Democrats say they will fight DeVos' proposal on school sexual assault

NBC News - U.S. Marshals Service spending millions on DeVos security in unusual arrangement

Vice News - Hundreds of U.S. troops are now living at the border in a muddy camp with nothing to do

ABC News - Migrants won't see armed US soldiers on border



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