An Unvarnished Introverted Activist: The Midterms, The Issues, & Anger

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She's late, she's emotional, she's pissed and informative, but she's here, it's a Midterm Election Special of The Introverted Activist!

Issues covered include: Civil rights, LGBTQIA rights, healthcare, women's rights, climate change, immigration, net neutrality, and "entitlements."

Articles and studies referenced in the episode:

Contraception Is an Economic Issue - From The Center For American Progress:

The Pill Makes Women Richer - Mother Jones:

Induced Abortion in the United States - The Guttmacher Institute:

Later Abortion - The Guttmacher Institute:

A Mormon Mother Opened Up About Late-Term Abortion To Show How Dangerous Donald Trump's Comments Are - Bustle:

Trans People Say They #WontBeErased As Trump Administration Mulls Defining 'Sex' -

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