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Episode 8 of #DontMentionIt is a conversation with the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Womanly Magazine, Attia Taylor. Attia and I talk about the transformative power of art and music to make health information more accessible, creating resources for communities of color, and supporting women and non-binary people with their work. Womanly Magazine is revolutionizing providing accessible health information for women, non-binary people, and communities of color through the arts. Issue #4 of Womanly, Black Maternal Health, comes out this month. Links for how you can access and support Womanly are in the show notes below.


Show Notes:

Check Out Womanly Magazine:


Donate to Support Womanly Magazine: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/brooklyn-arts-council/womanly-magazine

Pre-Order Issue #4, Black Maternal Health, here: https://www.womanlymag.com/shop/womanly-magazine-issue-no-4-preorder

Womanly on Social Media:

@WomanlyMag on Twitter 

@womanlymag on Instagram 

Womanly Magazine on Facebook 

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