Underestimated Art: Aerial Performance & Circus Arts, An Interview with Anne Ryan

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Midterm Election Recap & Creating The Spaces We Want To See In The World

In this week's episode, we have an interview with Anne Ryan, founder of the Ann Arbor Aviary. We discuss aerial performance and circus arts, body positivity, and creating the safe spaces we want to see in the world.

You can find the Ann Arbor Aviary at a2aviary.com, and you can follow the Aviary on Instagram @a2aviary, and also on Facebook at The Ann Arbor Aviary. 

Check out the art for Anne's episode on underestimatedpodcast.com.

Additionally in this episode: A brief recap of the midterm elections, with a view to covering the outcome of the elections in next week's installment of The Introverted Activist.

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Link to watch Dana Nessel’s campaign ad here.

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