FRANGELA! An Underestimated Special Edition

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It's the first ever Underestimated Special Edition! This week, my best friend Mary and I get to interview FRANGELA! I have been listening to Frangela for over a decade, and I love them. You'll hear me fan-girling pretty hard, but more importantly, you'll hear Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton, the essential best friend comedy duo, talk about their friendship, their career, and of course, they are hilarious. 

Get. In. To. It.


Show Notes

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Twitter @frangeladuo

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Buy their comedy album, Resist!

Tour Dates

You can hear Frangela every Friday on the 3rd hour of The Stephanie Miller Show – on Progressive Voices Radio and Free Speech TV, and you can find their podcast, The Final Word with Frangela on Apple Podcasts and all other podcatchers. The Final Word is part of Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Podcast Network.

You can follow Frangela’s TV show, Me Time With Frangela on social media on Twitter @MeTimeFrangela, on Instagram @metimewithfrangela, and on Facebook at

You can also find out where to watch and where it airs on their website. You can also catch Frangela on NBC’s show, Bring The Funny, which premiers on July 9th at 10/9 Central.

Omg you guys, get out there and put some Frangela in your life. They are the best.

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