“Health in Her Hue”

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A Conversation with Ashlee Wisdom

Episode 10 of #DontMentionIt is a conversation with the Founder and Publisher of Health in Her Hue, Ashlee Wisdom. Health In Her Hue is, …”a space for black women to be informed and empowered when making choices pertaining to their health.” We talk about her vision, how Health in Her Hue was born, what the organization looks like right now, and her plans for the future. Get into it.


Show Notes:

You can follow Health in Her Hue by visiting healthinherhue.com, where you can also sign up to receive their newsletter, an learn about upcoming events. You can follow Health in Her Hue on social media on Twitter @HealthInHerHue, on Instagram @healthinherhue and on Facebook at facebook.com/HealthInHerHUE.

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