A Significant Bummer To Ring In The New Year

If you can't embarrass yourself in the service of a friend, then what good are you really? Even if that friend is covered in fur and purrs when you pet her.

This is a short update on what's been going on with me, and where the pods are headed in 2019.

Thank you for listening.

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Elizabeth P.
Oversized Underestimated: A Halloween Special with Horror Writer MontiLee Stormer

This week we take a break for our brains with an absurdly long but totally worth it Halloween special!

I am joined for an amazing conversation with horror writer MontiLee Stormer where we cover everything from women in horror, to accessibility for writers, and the history of Paradise Valley in Detroit.

You'll also hear stories from people about their favorite costumes, unforgettable Halloweens past, and creepy, disembodied whispers about body in the closet.

You'll even hear an interview that I did with my Mom.

Thank you for listening, and Happy Halloween!

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Elizabeth P.