Underestimated: A Podcast
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“Emphatically not having it since 1982.” ~ Mood.



Underestimated: A Podcast is a project from the mind of a dedicated, nerdy, absurd introvert with an active imagination about the people, places, and things that form us throughout our lives, but often aren’t given the recognition they merit in the public sphere.

In February 2019, Underestimated launched Don’t Mention It, a storytelling series surrounding health across the spectrum of femininity. Don’t Mention It is the beginning of a new direction for this podcast, which will be comprised of multi-episode series centered around a theme going forward. Follow #DontMentionIt on social media for updates on the series.

From women owning their anger and unapologetically taking up space, to struggles with mental health, to the weird advice you got from your parents when you were a kid that still shapes who you are today regardless of its veracity; this podcast aims to share those stories. 

Every week, Underestimated publishes an episode that digs into a topic with interviews and research, aiming to bring you an informative, funny, and thoughtful experience for your ears.

The Introverted Activist, which focuses on the intersection of introversion and activism, is on hiatus at the moment, but is generally released bi-weekly. Political comedy, news, and analysis from your resident nerd and host are paired with action items for how you can be involved in fighting for issues relating to social justice, racial equity, feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, education, and more when your comfort zone, like mine, is roughly a sixty foot radius around your couch.

Hopefully these podcasts will give you a luxurious audio blanket to wrap yourself in, making you feel comfortable enough to genuinely laugh, safe enough to ugly cry, and empowered enough to rip it off, tie it around your neck, and wear that thing as a cape as you go forth in the world, smashing the patriarchy and fighting injustice in all its forms.

So, if you're sitting by yourself in your living room late at night, wrapped in a flannel robe, wearing your serviceable socks with a cat on your lap and feeling a cold, gripping fear of dying without having ever realized any of your dreams or truly allowing yourself to take up the space you deserve to in your heart, you are not alone, and these podcasts are for you.